Terra Della Reptile Relaxer Hammock rectangular 17x75cm

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Product Description

  • Natural Material The hammock is made of horsehair, a natural material that provides a rough and durable texture. It is environmentally friendly and does not pose any danger to your pets
  • GREAT FOR REST OR SUNBATHING - The hammock provides a comfortable place for your pets to rest or sunbathe. It creates a relaxing environment and promotes the well-being of your animals
  • PROMOTES MOULTING The rough texture of horsehair promotes molting in reptiles and other animals that need to get rid of their skin regularly. The hammock provides a suitable place for your pets to rub and get rid of their old skin more easily
  • Easy to move and attach with suction cups: the hammock is easy to move and attach thanks to the included suction cups. You can place it in different places in your terrarium, depending on the preferences of your animals. Suction cups provide a secure and stable hold
  • The Terra Della guarantee: we are the specialist in terrarium decorations and accessories. Sometimes we tend to forget that reptiles also show special wishes. We answer these with decorations and accessories in all shapes and sizes. All our products are tested with the utmost care for quality, functionality and safety.